Assange's wife tears into ‘dangerous’ Mike Pompeo over plan to kill WikiLeaks founder, slams UK for siding with US

Author:Shweta Kukreti 2024-02-22 19:50 8

Days after interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson spoke to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's wife Stella after conclusion of a two-day of crucial hearing on his extradition.

Tucker Carlson speaks to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's wife Stella after conclusion of a two-day of crucial hearing on his extradition.(X@TuckerCarlson)

During her appearance on Carlson's show Uncensored on X, Stella blasted the UK government for supporting the United States, claiming it would be a "very high-risk moment" for Assange if Britain favours Washington.

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“Well, look, we've just been in court for two days, and this decision could be the final one. We didn't know when we were coming into it yesterday whether we would have a decision today, and if the UK decides in favor of the US, then it will put Julien on a plane to the US," she said.

Notably, Assange has spent nearly five years imprisoned in London's highly secure Belmarsh Prison. According to sources, after WikiLeaks released Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hacking tools, then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo discussed with officials the possibility of assassinating Assange under Donald Trump's administration. He spent a considerable amount of time detained at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

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Stella talks about Mike Pompeo and the murder plot

When Carlson asked her about Pompeo “attempting to murder” her husband, Stella, who is a lawyer and human rights defender, called CIA a “rogue organisation”.

“They are trained to assassinate; they are trained to fabricate information and place it in the media, conduct propaganda warfare, and overthrow governments,” she said.

Assange's wife chastised Pompeo as “dangerous individual within the CIA”. “And you know, Mike Pompeo's ability to move around Washington without consequence, I don't think is because of his attractiveness to the Washington circles, but because there he's seen as a dangerous person.”

“We know the story about Julian and the murder plot because people within his organization said that he had lost the plot, that he had become obsessed with Julian, that he wanted to kill Julian, and that he was discussing it with the White House,” she added.

Stella blasts UK govt for acting as ‘lap dog’ to the US

Assange's wife argues that there will be no more opportunities for an appeal should they lose the current legal battle in the UK. “He can try to go to the European Court of Human Rights, but last year, only one application to the European Court of Human Rights to stop an extradition or deportation was granted,” she stated. Notably, in 2023, 63 applications pertaining to extradition were submitted to the European Court of Human Rights.

Slamming the UK government for acting as a “lap dog” to the US, Stella told Carlson that the European Court of Human Rights "should stop an extradition if the UK finds against him, but it's not a given".

“Julian could be on US soil within a matter of weeks,” she continued.

Carlson stated at the start of the conversation that he had just been to the jail where Assange is being held. When the American Conservative speaker questioned Assange about whether he regretted disclosing classified information that belonged to prominent politicians like Hilary Clinton, the founder of WikiLeaks allegedly said, "it was fun."

Assange won't know until at least next month if he can fight extradition to the United States on allegations of spying or if his protracted court battle in Britain has come to an end.

Following a two-day hearing in which Assange's attorneys contended that extraditing him to the USwould result in a "flagrant denial of justice," two High Court justices announced on Wednesday that they would take some time to examine their decision.

Title:Assange's wife tears into ‘dangerous’ Mike Pompeo over plan to kill WikiLeaks founder, slams UK for siding with US