Barron is 'little Melania', mother is shielding him in 'tight bubble' amidst media scrutiny around Trump's trial

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Former US First Lady Melania Trump is reportedly shielding her son Barron from the chaos surrounding Donald Trump, according to a report by The Mirror.

Former US President Donald Trump (R) stands with his wife Melania Trump (2L) their son Barron Trump (C) and father-in-law Viktor Knavs in Palm Beach, Florida.(AFP)

Residing in the luxe haven of Mar-a-Lago, Melania and her towering 6ft 7in son are staying clear of trouble amid Donald Trump's legal battles. An insider told the news outlet that Melania keeps busy with beach strolls and spa treatments while Barron. As Junior Trump nears graduation from Oxbridge Academy he remains in a ‘tight bubble’ formed by his mother and rarely steps out.

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Barron is like a ‘little Melania’

"He's so regal," an insider told the Mail Online, describing the youngest Trump, adding, "He's a little Melania." Despite Melania's efforts, her protective barrier is reportedly weakening even though she is trying hard to shield Barron from Trump's apparent indiscretions.

Reports suggest, Melania perceives the trial as Donald's predicament rather than hers to address. Yet she is keeping a close eye on the press updates, including Trump's discontent about possibly missing Barron's graduation due to court duties.

Former top aide Stephanie Grisham told The Mirror, Melania's disapproval when Trump discussed Barron in relation to his legal case. She often uses a tactic of withholding her presence to express her disapproval and "wasn't happy" when Donald Trump discussed their son Barron in relation to his legal case.

Even during their time in the White House, Melania rarely allowed Barron to attend official events, preferring him to travel separately from his father in the presidential motorcade and on Air Force One.

Melania wants Barron to be treated equally with President's older children

Melania has fiercely protected Barron, ensuring he's treated equally with the President's older children, renegotiating her prenup post-2016 election for Barron's benefit. Despite the Florida GOP confirming Barron as an at-large delegate for the Republican National Convention, Melania declined the role on his behalf due to prior commitments.

While Melania avoids her husband's New York trial, she keeps a watchful eye on developments, maintaining clear public boundaries between her husband's political career and her personal family life. Witnesses shed light on their dynamic, highlighting a relationship of mutual respect and Melania's influential role.

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Title:Barron is 'little Melania', mother is shielding him in 'tight bubble' amidst media scrutiny around Trump's trial