Bianca Censori's lookalike sister Angelina spotted hanging out with Chris Brown

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Angelina Censori, Kanye West's sister-in-law, was spotted hanging out with Chris Brown. The Australian native shared a carousel of photos on Instagram, where she was seen with the Sensational rapper at a Los Angeles Lakers game. Captioned “Oops,” the casual post shows Angelina wedged in between Brown and her mother, Alexandra Censori.

Bianca Censori's younger sister Angelina, was spotted hanging out with Chris Brown alongside her mother, Alexandra(Angelina Censori/ Instagram)

Bianca Censori's lookalike sister spotted hanging out with Chris Brown

Unlike her elder sister, Bianca Censori, who got married to the Praise God hitmaker in 2022, Angelina maintains maintains a low profile. While both sisters are one another's lookalikes, the Yeezy architectural designer is famed for her X-rated fashion. In contrast to her, Angelina wore a black crop top and low-rise jeans as she stood alongside Brown.

To show her loyalty to the Lakers, she wore the team's purple and yellow scarf around her neck. Meanwhile, the 35-year-old singer, who kept his arms around Alexandra, was photographed wearing a red Balenciaga shirt with a matching Supreme beanie. He accessorised the look with her usual chunky diamond jewellery.

Although she closely resembles Bianca, whose fame skyrocketed in recent years, Angelina keeps her personal life mostly private. She boasts only 7.5k followers on Instagram at the time of writing and stays away from mainstream media. However, she previously addressed her sister's controversial outfits, as Kanye was rumoured to have forced Bianca into wearing them.

Earlier this year, several sources claimed that Bianca's father was worried his son-in-law was turning his daughter into a “trashy-looking marketable commodity” with “shockingly risqué and half-naked looks.” Kanye was also accused of “shutting her [Bianca] out” from her Australian family.

Speaking to Page Six, Angelina denied any truths to these rumours, explaining that Bianca spent some quality time with their mother in Los Angeles. “It was nice, she spent some time listening to parties and stuff,” she said at the time.

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Title:Bianca Censori's lookalike sister Angelina spotted hanging out with Chris Brown