Illinois Tollway replaces transponders with I-Pass stickers, here's what to know

Author:Arya Vaishnavi 2024-02-06 21:50 7

One of the big changes in Illinois this year is the introduction of I-Pass stickers. The Illinois Tollway recently unveiled its decision to replace the bulky transponder units with sticker tags. Not only will this switch be more efficient, but it will also prove to be a cost-effective method for vehicles using the system. Although drivers with working transponders aren't mandated to purchase stickers, they are urged to switch to sticker tags upon reaching the expiration dates of their transponders.

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What is the cost of I-Pass stickers?

New I-Pass stickers will be available to users for free of cost at customer service centres and the agency's official website, per NBC Chicago. The agency will send the users of its transponder system a sticker tag after the unit reaches an expiration date.

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According to WIFR, While there is no deposit fee for the I-Pass sticker tag, the tollway says that there will be a $10 transponder deposit, which will be transferred to the customer's prepaid account after the registration of a new sticker.

How to use the I-Pass stickers?

The agency adds that the I-Pass stickers will be effective immediately once they are linked to an I-PASS account, which users can access either on Illinois Tollway's website or mobile app. This process will be completed within 15 days of receiving the new stickers.

It is important to note that, unlike transponders, these stickers must be unique for each vehicle. Meaning, they can't be transferred to another vehicle. A person having multiple vehicles can get a unique sticker for each of them. However, all these stickers can be linked to and used under the same I-PASS account.

What happens to old transponders?

Drivers can continue using the transponders till their expiration date, following which, they will have to make a switch to the new sticker tags. The agency urges users not to discard their old transponders in trash cans. They should seek out a recycling location in their locality as these units contain lithium Ion batteries, per the outlet.

Title:Illinois Tollway replaces transponders with I-Pass stickers, here's what to know