India, Pakistan issue advisory for students in Kyrgyzstan against mob violence: ‘Stay indoor’

Author:HT News Desk 2024-05-18 13:50 9

The Indian mission in Kyrgyzstan has advised its nationals to stay indoors as large-scale mob violence directed against international students has been reported in the central asian country.

Large-scale mob violence targets international students in Kyrgyzstan.

“We are in touch with our students. The situation is presently calm but students are advised to stay indoors for the moment and get in touch with the Embassy in case of any issue,” the statement said.

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The embassy also provided helpine number. “Our 24×7 contact number is 0555710041.”

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Why violence directed on international students in Kyrgyzstan?

Local media reports say that protesters gathered in large numbers in Bishkek following a May 13 clash between locals and international students at a hostel. Some demonstrators blocked traffic and vandalised buildings. Security forces have made several arrest.

Kyrgyzstan is a popular destination for education, especially in the medical field, attracting a large number of students from the Indian subcontinent, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

As of April 2023, data from various medical universities in Kyrgyzstan indicates that approximately 9,500 students are currently pursuing their studies there, a government report said.

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Pakistan issues advisory too

The Pakistan embassy in Bishkek issued an advisory for international students, including Pakistanis, amid reports of mob violence against foreign students in the city.

The statement mentioned incidents of violence against foreign students, particularly after videos of a fight between Kyrgyz and Egyptian students surfaced online on May 13.

Several hostels of medical universities and private residences of international students, including Pakistanis, have been targeted. While there are reports of minor injuries to Pakistani students, there have been no confirmed reports of deaths or rapes, the statement said.

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The embassy has advised Pakistani students to stay indoors until the situation stabilizes. It has also managed to contact over 250 students and their families in Pakistan, it said.

The violence seems to be targeting all foreign students and is not specific to Pakistanis, the statement added.

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Title:India, Pakistan issue advisory for students in Kyrgyzstan against mob violence: ‘Stay indoor’