King Charles III to visit Prince Harry in the US?

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King Charles III is reportedly “willing to find a resolution” to his strained relationship with Prince Harry, as he is reportedly considering a state visit to America to meet with him.

King Charles III ‘considering’ flying to America to ‘find a resolution’ with Prince Harry(AP)

Royal author Tom Quinn told The Mirror UK that the King is “considering” the possibility of making a trip over the pond to visit his younger son, Meghan Markle, and their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

An obvious signal of this is said to have been captured by relationship expert Louella Alderson of the newspaper who noted that this move shows a “significant gesture of his desire to mend their relationship,” despite the fact the monarch is diagnosed with cancer.

“This fact alone means if King Charles is willing to make the effort and put forth the time and energy to visit Harry in America, it could be a significant gesture of his desire to mend their relationship.”

“It’s possible that he may be more willing to address any issues and work towards finding a resolution than he has been previously,” she concluded.

Notably, the monarch snubbed Prince Harry during the latter's brief UK visit in May due to “full programme.”

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Quinn also mentioned, “Charles has had discussions about an official visit to the United States at some time in the future, and there is no doubt if it goes ahead, he would build in time to visit his youngest son and his grandchildren, but there are mountains of planning to be overcome before that becomes even a remote possibility.”

Prince Harry is ‘running out of time’

However, it was earlier noted that Charles is “unable to forgive” Prince Harry because of the duke's bombshell revelation about the family in his memoir, ‘Spare.’

Resonating the same sentiment, another royal expert, Richard Eden told DAily Mail, that the Sussexes are now “irrelevant” to royal family and they are “running out of time” to make amends.

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“Time is running out to come back while his father is still King,” he stated.

“If Harry wants to come back at any stage, he needs to do it while his father is still King. I really think that when Prince William is King, I can’t see him letting Harry come back and have a role again,” Eden warned.

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Title:King Charles III to visit Prince Harry in the US?