Larsa Pippen Accused of "Kissing the Kardashians' Ass" in Explosive RHOM Midseason Trailer

Author:Brayden Lindrea 2023-12-20 19:32 17

Adriana de Moura and Larsa Pippen are keeping up right where they left off.

In the explosive midseason trailer for Real Housewives of Miami, the two Bravo stars—who have butted heads throughout the seasons—get into yet another verbal match.

In the clip, Adriana recalls Larsa's friendship with Kim Kardashian during an argument, shouting to her castmate, "You weren't there darling, you were in L.A. for ten years, kissing the Kardashians' ass, so shut up!"

As for Larsa's response to the insult? She snaps back, "You need to sit the f--k down."

This, of course, isn't the first time that Adriana has brought up Larsa's history with her former BFF. In fact, the reality TV star previously accused Larsa of switching it up when she switched locations.

"I've known you for more than 10 years," Adriana told her costar during a February 2022 episode. "Back when we were hanging out, you already had this attitude that you were better than everybody else. You were here for a minute then you went to L.A. and became Kim Kardashian's minion. And now, all that rubbed off on you and you came back on a high horse."

But fast-forward to present day—and Adriana isn't the only one that Larsa is going toe-to-toe with as she's seen telling close friend Lisa Hochstein, who is the middle of a messy divorce from Lenny Hochstein, "You need to apologize, because you were a complete a--hole."

However, Lisa begs to differ and tells Larsa, "All last year you were an a--hole to everybody."

And that confrontation wouldn't be Lisa's only war of words, as Kiki Barth—who has expressed her grievances with Lisa consistently speaking about her split—is seen telling her point blank, "You're entitled, you're selfish. Maybe what's happening with you and Lenny is karma. Karma is a b---h."

With the promise of multiple feuds heating up, at least one outcome is certain: There's plenty of drama guaranteed to unfold during the latter half of the sixth season.

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Title:Larsa Pippen Accused of "Kissing the Kardashians' Ass" in Explosive RHOM Midseason Trailer