Meghan and Harry ‘in a panic’ over a new tell-all documentary, fear revelations may hurt their carefully crafted image

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Meghan Markle has found herself on the edge as rumors swirl about an upcoming documentary set to dig into her past. The Duchess of Sussex, who's made Montecito, California, her home with Prince Harry post-Royal exit, fears the film might uncover skeletons she'd rather keep hidden.

Prince Harry, right, and Meghan, left, attend the Giant of Africa Foundation at the Dream Big Basketball clinic in Lagos Nigeria, Sunday, May 12, 2024. (AP)

With no direct involvement in the German-made project, Meghan is reportedly in a state of "panic" alongside Harry, fearing revelations that could shake their carefully crafted image.  Journalist and Royal commentator Ulrike Grunewald is reportedly leading the new documentary for Germany's ZDF network.

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Why is Meghan uncomfortable with documentary rumours?

Sources close to the couple feel they are wary of their colourful past tumbling out, especially Meghan's previous life in the Hollywood spotlight and her marriage to Trevor Engelson. Led by journalist Ulrike Grunewald, the documentary team has descended upon Montecito, aiming to peel back the layers of the couple's life post-Royal era.

An informant told to OK! Magazine: "There are many things that both of them, especially Meghan, don't necessarily want in the public domain. It's no secret that they both led colourful lives before they met each other, and while Harry has spoken about a lot of mistakes in his book, there are still things about Meghan we don't know."

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The anticipation surrounding the documentary has stirred up unease, with even seasoned Royal correspondents feeling the heat. Richard Mineards, once a UK Royal correspondent now navigating the Californian landscape, found himself under the spotlight, enduring a grilling session lasting two hours. The stakes are high as the film promises to delve deep into the enclave where Harry and Meghan have established their new normal, raising questions about what might emerge from the shadows.

Meghan and Harry's tryst with content production

Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, Harry and Meghan are forging ahead with their own creative endeavors. While Harry is immersing himself in producing a polo series for Netflix, reflecting his long-standing passion for the sport, Meghan is diving into a lifestyle series linked to her newly launched brand, American Riviera Orchard. Their individual projects stand as a testament to their newfound independence and determination to carve out their own paths outside the royal sphere.

Yet, as the documentary looms on the horizon, casting a shadow over their California haven, Meghan and Harry find themselves at a crossroads, grappling with the possibility of their past coming back to haunt them. 

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Title:Meghan and Harry ‘in a panic’ over a new tell-all documentary, fear revelations may hurt their carefully crafted image