Princess Diana foresaw ‘rivalry’ between Prince Harry and William: ‘He needed to compete…’

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Did Princess Diana foresee the future? New information suggests she harbored a deep-seated fear of "rivalry" blooming between her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The startling disclosure surfaced within the pages of My Mother and I, a book authored by Ingrid Seward. While it's widely acknowledged that the brothers' relationship has grown cold and distant, such was not always the scenario.

King Charles and Princess Diana, born as their second child- Prince Harry(Getty Images/File Photo)

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Princess Diana feared rivalry between Prince Harry

The current division within the Royal Family is evident to all. With the Duke of Sussex living in California while the rest of the family remains in the UK, Harry and Meghan's choice to step back from their senior royal duties in 2020 has notably widened the physical and emotional gap between them and William and Kate. This recent bombshell book sheds light on the strained relationship between the monarchy and the late Queen Elizabeth II. Moreover, it unveils several revelations concerning Prince Harry, Meghan, and even Princess Diana.

Harry and William’s relationship has always been difficult…

According to Mirror, the book's author asserts that the bond between the two brothers has consistently been challenging. The author highlights various occasions in the book where Princess Diana shared similar sentiments, reportedly stating that her younger child was like a 'little baby' who was reluctant to share her attention with his older brother.

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The book mentions, “Diana was concerned everyone was going to think he was 'thick' as he didn't have any thirst for knowledge and was not interested in sitting down with a book. He always felt the need to compete in everything, especially with his brother.”

King Charles's cancer diagnosis

Last week, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles, aged 75, had been diagnosed with cancer, less than 18 months into his reign. This deeply affected Harry, as seen in photos from Page Six, leading him to quickly fly back to the UK to see his sick father. He reportedly received a call from King Charles, prompting his swift return to the palace. The next day, he flew back to the US.

Title:Princess Diana foresaw ‘rivalry’ between Prince Harry and William: ‘He needed to compete…’