Super Bowl 2024: What is Temu? Chinese e-commerce player airs 3 back-to-back pricey commercials

Author:Aditi Srivastava 2024-02-12 12:50 4

Super Bowl 2024: Forget the halftime show, the real game-changer at Super Bowl LVIII might be happening off the field. Super Bowl 2024 just got a taste of the e-commerce world with not one, but three back-to-back commercials from Temu, a rising Chinese player in the industry. This unexpected marketing move sparks curiosity: what is Temu, and how does it plan to capitalize on the biggest sporting event in the US?

Super Bowl 2024: What is Temu? Chinese e-commerce player(Temu)

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What to know about the E-commerce app Temu

Super Bowl 2024 features a heated matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, drawing interest beyond dedicated football fans. While the game itself commands attention, an unusual element has sparked curiosity: a shopping app not traditionally associated with major sporting events has secured three prominent Super Bowl commercials.

While one might expect a powerhouse like Amazon to dominate the advertising space, it was Temu, an e-commerce platform linked to the Chinese giant Pinduoduo, that secured three coveted commercial spots. This raises the question: What strategies did Temu employ to achieve such prominent visibility in the US market?

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Temu commercials are making waves at Super Bowl 2024

But Temu isn't targeting billionaires; it's a bargain-hunter app offering budget-friendly products shipped directly from Chinese warehouses. Yet, despite its focus on affordability, Temu managed to secure a prime 30-second commercial slot. Not one or two but three slots in total.

What is the Temu ad about?

The advertisement features a woman with curly hair who is casually looking through a range of clothes on her phone. Whatever she puts in her cart appears on her and the people surrounding her with ease. The primary message of the advertisement is, “Download the TEMU app and shop like a billionaire.”

According to TIME, “the company received complaints to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), currently averaging a 1.81-star rating out of five from customers. Additionally, it holds a C rating and lacks accreditation from the BBB.”

Temu ad sparks SuperBowl meme frenzy

The Super Bowl advertisement received negative feedback from most online viewers, and many have questioned how the new app could afford to pay $7 million for each 30-second commercial during the game. However, Temu will be playing its second commercial during the football game; the company introduced its first one the year before. A spokesperson said Temu plans to award an additional $10 million on Super Bowl Sunday.

Title:Super Bowl 2024: What is Temu? Chinese e-commerce player airs 3 back-to-back pricey commercials