Who is Marissa Teijo? Texas woman, 71, makes history as oldest Miss Texas USA contestant

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This year, a 71-year-old woman made history as the oldest contestant to have ever competed in the Miss Texas USA pageant. Marissa Teijo did not win the contest, but she impressed thousands with her talent in the pageant this weekend in Houston.

Marissa Teijo, 71, makes history as oldest Miss Texas USA contestant (marissateijo/Instagram)

Aarieanna Ware took the crown home after being named Miss Texas USA on Saturday, June 22. She was last year's Miss Dallas winner, and is now set to represent Texas in the Miss USA competition.

The Miss Universe organisation recently removed age limits for contestants over 18 to be more inclusive. It also allowed women who are married, divorced or pregnant to participate. “I feel that all women now have a new stage of opportunity, strength and beauty,” Teijo reportedly said.

Who is Marissa Teijo?

Teijo was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She said before the competition that she was excited to help Texans and El Pasoans break barriers and make a difference in their fields of interest, no matter what their age is.

According to Eccandc.org, Teijo was born on July 8, 1952. She grew up on a farm, and very early in life realised she had a passion for fitness, as per KVIA. She has competed in various contests, including the National Physique Committee event.

Teijo had earned 114 votes on the Miss USA site. In a previous Instagram post, she wrote, “I am delighted to be a part of this incredible new experience as a contestant in the Miss Texas USA pageant. In doing so, I hope to inspire women to strive to be their best physical and mental self and believe there is beauty at any age.”

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Jackie Garcia-Martinez, CEO of Bazaar Models, who represents Teijo, said that the agency is very proud to represent diverse women. “I represent women of all shapes, ages, and races. As I prepare my team to compete at Miss Texas, I’m thrilled to support these women who inspire me as a leader every day,” she said.

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Title:Who is Marissa Teijo? Texas woman, 71, makes history as oldest Miss Texas USA contestant