Why is Melania Trump selling Mother's Day necklace and how much does it cost?

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Amid her husband Donald Trump's hush money trial in the Manhattan criminal court in New York, former first lady Melania Trump launched a $245 customizable Mother’s Day necklace to pay tribute to "all mothers" ahead of the next holiday. Mother’s Day will be celebrated this year on May 12.

According to a statement from Melania Trump's office, names, initials, or important dates can be engraved on the necklace. (AFP)

The beautiful necklace, dubbed "Her Love & Gratitude", features an adjustable chain and a flower pendant. The necklace also boasts of former model's signature. It was put on sale on Melania's website on Sunday morning. 

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According to a statement from Melania's office, names, initials, or important dates can be engraved on the necklace. Moreover, those who will buy the necklace will also be eligible to acquire a limited-edition digital collectible that is made on the Solana blockchain.

“Being a mother is one of the most important roles in life. For this Mother’s Day, I have designed the ‘Her Love & Gratitude’ necklace to express immense gratitude and honor all mothers,” Melania said in the statement.

In a bid to increase his campaign funds, Donald Trump recently offered digital trading cards, golden high-top sneakers, cologne, and a $60 Bible edition titled "God Bless the USA." He additionally launched his social media business, Trump Media and Technologies, on the Nasdaq exchange.

While Melania has mostly shown reluctance to participate in her husband's campaign activities, she did show up on Saturday night at a fundraiser held at her Mar-a-Lago mansion to promote the LGBT+ Log Cabin Republicans group.

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The announcement of her new necklace coincided with the filing of the most recent report with the US Federal Election Commission (FEC), which shows that Trump had to limit the amount of money he spent on his 2024 presidential campaign in March because his legal expenses consumed three-quarters of the funds raised by one of his primary fundraising arms.

According to FEC data, the pro-Trump Save America PAC spent $3.7 million, or three out of every four dollars raised, on legal fees last month.

Earlier this year, Trump was fined $83.3 million after he was found liable for sexual assault and defamation of columnist E Jean Carroll. In another trial, the Trump Organization was found liable for fraud, and he was fined $355 million with over $100 million interest.

Melania Trump gets targetted over necklace venture

As soon as Melania announced her necklace venture with a post on X, several netizens questioned her over its price.

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former attorney and his prominent critic, drew a comparison between Melania's new venture and luxury brands like Van Cleef and Arpels.

“Just like the ⁦@vancleefarpels⁩ frivole; except not made of gold. Melania Trump Is Now Selling $245 Mother’s Day Necklaces,” he wrote.

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Taking a dig at former first lady, ex-federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski wrote: "Melania Trump is now selling a Mother's Day necklace for the bargain price of just $245 that comes with her name engraved on it."

“We never hear from Melania, not that I’m complaining, until it’s time for her to sell something for profit. Is she donating the revenue to a women’s shelter or charity? Of course not, she’s grifting off Mother’s Day, $245 dollar necklace, and it’s disgusting,” one X user commented.

“She’s grifting $245 dollars for this tiny necklace and pendant and it’s not even real gold,” second user stated.

“$250 for vermeil? Are you kidding me? And why is your signature so huge…its larger that the engravings for our loved ones?” another user chimed in.

“And it’s tacky. Looks cheaply made. But I wouldn’t expect anything else from her. No thanks,” a fourth user reacted.

Title:Why is Melania Trump selling Mother's Day necklace and how much does it cost?